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What Should You Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep?

Most of us have been there. Sometimes it takes longer for us to get to sleep so we keep thinking and wondering about a lot of random stuff and then finally fall asleep. And other times, we wake up in the middle of the night and we are unable to go back to sleep. Many […]

Types of Sleep Disorders

Millions of people are suffering from sleep disorders and struggle sleeping at night. The area of sleep medicine and treatments is constantly progressing as research and studies are conducted to understand better. And help those millions of people lead a normal life. As a result of the research and studies conducted for years, the number […]

What’s Your Sleep Position?

All of us have a sleep position we adore. Most of the time, it is the sleep position in which we lay when we get into bed. We may have slept in that position for, well, forever! So today, we are going to discuss sleep positions. What’s your sleep position? Keep reading to find more […]

Does Your Pillow Affect the Quality of Your Sleep?

When did you last thought about your bed pillow? Its quality and its cleanliness? Well, if your answer is “it’s been a long time”, don’t worry, you are not alone. When you think about quality sleep, what directly comes to your mind is a quality mattress. We pay attention to the mattress we sleep on […]

What Does the Future Have to Offer for Sleep?

We all love to sleep. We all love technology and gadgets. And we can’t get enough of either! The good thing is, technology has found its way into the bedroom, from dimming lights to smart beds. We live in an exciting time period where technology has lots of approaches to enhance one’s sleep experience. Many […]

Better Food for Better Sleep

Getting good and adequate sleep is incredibly vital to our overall health and performance. It is advised to get 7-9 hours of sleep per day but many people struggle to get that amount of sleep and there are a lot of reasons behind it. There are various tricks and tips one can try to put […]

Is It Really Healthy to Sleep with Your Pet?

That wagging little tail makes you feel good after a long day, doesn’t it? And who doesn’t love to spend time with their furry buddy? Most pet owners encourage their pets to sleep with them for several reasons. It’s a good feeling when you are physically touched and it makes your oxytocin levels rise which […]

Is Sleeping on Your Back the Best Sleeping Position?

Well, let’s find out. Many people sleep on their sides or stomach because they are comfortable positions for them. Sleeping on your back doesn’t naturally come to most of us and only 14% of the general population is categorized as back sleepers. Is sleeping on your back the best sleeping position? Well, sleeping on your back […]

Is Stomach Sleeping Bad?

Every one of us has a favourite sleeping position. A position which makes us feel comfortable and fall asleep faster and easier. And it’s good to know about that position you sleep in every night, right? So, of all the positions, today we’re discussing stomach sleeping position. If that’s your favourite position, you should definitely […]

Podcast Episode #1 and More

We have decided to walk an extra mile for our customers, where we will shed some light on habits and products (not mattresses!) to enhance your sleep experience. Through a series of weekly newsletter and podcast episodes, we will address some common sleep related issues (inconsistent bedtime, effects of caffeine on sleep and many more) […]

How Improving Your Sleep Can Improve Your Mental Health?

Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you’ve been yawning, short-tempered and tired all day long? Ever heard of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, as most of us know, functioning on a few hours’ sleep can result in lower productivity, decreased focus, and irritable feelings. And the reason behind […]

What You Should Know About Neck Pain

We have all been there! One day you wake up with an achy and stiff neck, but after a few days, it’s all good again. Followed by back pain, neck pain is the second most common muscle and joint complaint of all and it is estimated to affect around 70% of the general population. Most […]

Improve Your Sleep Quality: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Sleep Right.

Find inspiration to chose the perfect sleeping set-up and get the zzz’s that you deserve.

The Last Mattress Guide You’ll Ever Need

Replacing your mattress can be tiring. Navigating websites, stores, foam and springs, and determining how much you should spend, can leave you feeling very… verry…… sleeeeepy

The New Hamuq™ Hybrid

Why are mattress companies worried? Because the Hamuq™ Hybrid is here and at a price point they can't beat.   I spent $3.5K on our last top brand (Tp) mattress. This one beats that hands down. Thank you for creating such a great product. Lorne Vogt     Hamuq™ combines the best of the old [...]