The Hamuq™ Bed Frame

Transform your room with this sturdy and elegant base. Made with 1st Grade Solid BC Wood; featuring four centre support legs and solid wood slats for ultimate support. Wrapped, with a locally sourced, 5-star spa-grey linen fabric.

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Does the bed frame come with a 101 night trial?

Yes. it comes with a 101 night free trial and if you would like to return it we will have it picked up by a local charity or in some cases have it disposed of.

Does the bed frame come with a headboard?

The bed frame does not come with a headboard but gives you the option to use your own if you would like.

What is the bed frame made from?

The slats are made from B.C wood and the outer grey fabric is made from 100% Polyester.

Do I need a boxspring?

No, there are wooden slats that extend from side to side in order to provide stable support for the mattress.