Our Story

Jordan Bedwell was selling mattresses with his dad long before the online mattress craze started. But after a few years of witnessing the trend towards online, he approached Nathan Nielson and some local manufacturers to design and create the first rollable coil/spring mattress. Nathan and Jordan established the brand Hamuq™ years ago and proudly sold the first rollable hybrid mattress online. They continue to expand the brand’s product offerings and are proud of their continued commitment to quality and customer service.

Locally Sourced & Made

We’re not just here to make money, we’re here to make the world a bit better by making the mattress purchasing process better. Environmentally friendly materials adhere to and go beyond the strictest CertiPUR-US standards. Being made in Canada with our local partners Galaxy, VitaFoam, and FineCotton, we ensure strong and safe manufacturing processes, fair labor, and the limiting of waste material. Lastly, our green shipping is carbon neutral. This means from our factory to your door, there is a zero net impact on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

How We Are Giving Back

Without you we couldn't give anything back, so we want to thank you first for purchasing from us. With your support, we donate one mattress for every ten sold to charities across the country. We also ship carbon neutral from our factory to your door. This means there is zero net impact on the environment in terms of carbon emissions. We are the first to do it, and we hope to make it a standard in the furniture industry.

  • FAQ’s

    We bet if you have any questions, they’re in our FAQ’s.Or you can simply email us.

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  • Our Warranty

    Our highly touted 15 year warranty. Because we have years of experience in this industry and we know what lasts.

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  • Contact Us

    Email info@hamuq.com

    Customer Service Hours 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Friday EST

    4404-295 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 0L4, Canada