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Sleep is the foundation to achieving health and happiness. If Covid times taught us anything, it's to refocus on the basics. And that's what Hamuq™ does. We are here to provide you with the best possible sleep experience at prices you can afford. Invest in your health, and indulge your body and mind with Hamuq™. With a 120-night free trial, you literally have nothing to lose.

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Handcrafted With Locally Sourced Materials

When making our mattresses we wanted to stay local. By using Canadian materials, and Canadian craftspeople, we achieve a premium product that'll have you sleeping better than ever before.

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How We Are Giving Back

Without you we couldn't give anything back, so we want to thank you first for supporting us. With it, we've been able to donate over 4000 mattresses. On top that, we ship carbon neutral from our factory to your door. This means there is zero net impact on the environment. We are the first to do it, and we hope to make it a standard in the furniture industry.

Our Story

We've Been Doing It The Longest

Who would you trust to build your house? The kid in highschool or the grizzled vet; whose been building homes for 15 years? We were the first to compress and roll a pocket coil hybrid. We've been doing it the longest and we know for a fact that we do it best.

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