Snuggle up to warmth and comfort year round. Featuring 600 Loft hypoallergenic down clusters, a baffle box design, and a 300 TC Long Staple Cotton shell from Portugal, this duvet will keep you perfectly warm when you're cold whilst remaining breathable and lightweight for when you're too hot. It's pure comfort and quality all in one.


  • -Made in Canada
  • -600 Loft
  • -Premium White Duck Down from Brome Lake Quebec
  • -300TC Long Staple Cotton
  • -12" Baffle Box Construction
  • -Hypoallergenic

The Duvet That's
Down With The Sleepy

It's made in Canada with premium ethical Canadian duck down from Brome Lake Quebec (which is world renowned). This high quality down is a byproduct of the meat industry; there's no live plucking or harming of the birds. Now that's something we can all get down with


Be wary of imposter downs or downs that aren't from Canada and aren't Downmark approved. Big Box retailers are known to and have been caught using chicken feathers and calling it down.

This product is manufactured by a member of the Down Association of Canada and carries the DOWNMARK® certification mark.

Temperature Regulation

Whether you're a fuzzy bear whose always warm, or a hairless one whose always cold, the Hamuq Down Duvet's natural temperature regulation will keep you cozy all night long. Because nothing rivals the temperature regulation and breathability of our Canadian down duvet.


Down is a 3 dimensional cluster full of tiny filaments that trap air making it a great insulator. A feather is flat with a quill in the center and filaments of the sides making it good for extra support in pillows.
Loft factor or fill power is a number given to down to determine its quality. In a controlled environment 1 oz of down is placed in a graduated cylinder and a weight is placed on the down. Where the weight stops will indicate its loft factor or fill power. Therefore, the higher the number the fluffier and warmer the down.
There is a big misconception that goose down is better than duck down. The main determining factor in quality is the loft factor or fill power of the down. A duck down with a loft factor of 600 will be better quality than a goose down with a loft factor of 500.
With proper care your duvet can last a long time, depending on sleeping habits your duvet will last 10 to 20 years. To get the most out of your duvet it should always be used with a cover. Regular maintenance like hanging it out to air on a low humidity day will help to re-loft or puff up the down and get rid of any dust. Sitting on the duvet, laying on it to watch TV in bed or having your 4 legged friends on the duvet can decrease its life expectancy.
First off using a duvet cover is key to protecting your duvet. The more you can air out your duvet in low humidity conditions the better if you do not have access to outdoor space putting it in a dryer on air fluff will do the trick. If the duvet gets stained try to spot wash the stain with a mild cleaner. For best results push the down out of the way and wash just the fabric. If you feel the entire duvet needs to be cleaned we recommend taking it to a reputable cleaner for washing. Dry cleaning is a last resort and we do not recommend this type of cleaning as the chemicals used in the process can reduce the life span of the down clusters. Down is naturally hypoallergenic.
Baffle Box Construction refers to internal three-dimensional fabric wall boxes that allow maximum thickness and comfort while maintaining even distribution within the boxes. This construction will eliminate migration of fill so the down doesn't shift or clump in one section of the duvet. Duvets without baffle box construction will have cold spots and are not nearly as good as ones with it.

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