Tackling Insomnia and Natural Sleep Aids

Tackling Insomnia and Natural Sleep Aids

Tackling Insomnia

Sleep deprivation is a debilitating problem. With more than 60% of Americans not getting the rest that they need every day (1), insomnia is a problem that should be tackled at the root. A better night's sleep will make you feel happier and more productive. Unfortunately, many people work from their computers where blue light disrupts your brain's sleep pattern. Add to that a problem of poor sleep hygiene, and anyone will find themselves dragging their feet through the day.

Natural Sleep Aids

Natural supplements do exist to assist us in achieving a long and restful night's sleep. These are natural remedies that can be purchased at a pharmacy in the form of capsules. They can also be ingested in the form of tea. If you find that you can't shut your mind off at bedtime, consider trying one of these.


Melatonin is a well-known sleep aid for those who seek natural rest. Studies have shown the herb melatonin to be an effective relief for jet lag, a common reason why someone might struggle to doze off (2). It is one of the ingredients commonly found in over-the-counter remedies.


Another sleep aid that can be taken alongside melatonin is valerian root. Studies have shown that patients taking valerian as a sleep aid had an 80% chance of relief from their insomnia (3).


Magnesium provides us with many natural health benefits, including an ability to lower blood pressure and relief against migraines. While magnesium should be taken in moderation (too much of it could trigger serious ailments like kidney damage), it should be considered as an alternative in a struggle against insomnia.(5)


Lavender is a natural remedy for anxiety. It's an herb that has long been known for its calming scent. Not only does lavender help calm an anxious or stressed mind; it is an ingredient commonly found in sleep aids. Over time, it has been proven to yield results. A lavender candle might help you to doze off as much as a mug of tea would (4).


There are many reasons why a person might experience difficulty sleeping, and while nature provides us with powerful aids, there is no cure-all. Lavender might bring relief to one person but do nothing for another; melatonin might not be potent enough to ease an extremely tense mind. If extreme insomnia persists, we suggest a visit to a health professional; it might be a symptom of something bigger. When a person is able to enjoy a full sleep cycle, they feel stronger the next day. These natural sleep aids are worth trying in order to live a productive and happy life. Lack of sleep is a common problem in the US, but we should battle it like we would any other disease. Everyone deserves to sleep well and feel rested when they open their eyes in the morning.  
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