What’s Your Sleep Position?

What’s Your Sleep Position?

All of us have a sleep position we adore. Most of the time, it is the sleep position in which we lay when we get into bed. We may have slept in that position for, well, forever! So today, we are going to discuss sleep positions. What’s your sleep position? Keep reading to find more about your sleep position and how it affects your sleep.

Several researches suggest that your sleep position is not only linked with the quality of your sleep but it is also linked with your personality. If the position you sleep in is a bad one, you are more likely to be irritating the next day. Let’s see how the following sleep positions are associated with your personality as well as their health benefits.

Fetal Position

Fetal position or the fetus is known as the most common sleep position of all. It really makes sense since we lived in the womb for nine months like this. You sleep on your side and with your knees curled up in this position. Talking about personality, people who sleep in the fetal position are described as hard on the outside and soft on the inside. This position causes you the least of interruptions while you are asleep. Fetal position is great for pregnant women and people who tend to snore. But it’s a sleep position that will cause you neck and back pain. If you are too curled up, it can cause harm to your lower back and lead to pain in the morning. So if you sleep in the fetal position, make sure you have the best mattress (Link to http://jzm.co.nz/hamuq/product/hamuq-mattress/) and pillows (Link to http://jzm.co.nz/hamuq/product/pillow/) that is out there.

Log Position

The log position comes as the second most common sleep position of all. When you lie on your side with your arms down and your legs extended straight, you are in this position. It is said that log sleepers are open minded and social people who are trustworthy. This position helps you to keep your spine extremely straight and researches also suggest that sleeping on your left side is good for better digestion. The log position is good for back and neck pain but this position can cause nerve compression and numbness in arms and legs. However, you can use a pillow in between your knees for better support and reduce issues.

The Yearner

When you sleep on your side and with your arms in front (like a mummy 😁), you are in this position. Yearners are known to be open and inviting yet suspicious of new people. Although they tend to be indecisive people, once they make up their minds, they stick to it. A small percentage of people are known to be yearners. Since this is also a side sleeping position, it can cause you neck and back pain but a pillow may do the trick.

The Soldier

If you sleep on your back with your arms to your sides, you are in this position. ‘soldiers’ are less of a percentage than the ‘yearners’. These sleepers are known as quiet and reserved people who also have higher standards and strict moral codes for themselves as well as for others. They are strong and live up to their name. Since this is a back-sleeping position, it’s really good for your health. Especially for back and neck pains. Since you sleep on your back, it allows your neck and back to position and aligns properly. Also, it distributes weight evenly with no pressure on your spine or shoulders. The soldier position minimizes wrinkles and reduces acid reflux as well. However, it might lead you to snore and if you are suffering from sleep apnea, I’m afraid this might not be the best position for you.

The Freefall

When you lie on your stomach with your arms around the pillow, you are in this position. Freefall sleepers are even less than soldier sleepers. Their personalities are more outgoing, fun, and they are thin-skinned. Freefall sleepers are risk takers, spirited and to the point but they can be secretly anxious. The freefall promotes good digestion and is a better sleeping position for you, if you snore. Other than that, since you lie on your stomach, it’s harder to maintain the alignment of your spine and it may cause numbness, stiffness and neck pain. This sleeping position can ease sleep apnea as well.

The Starfish

Just as you imagined, if you sleep on your back with your arms pointed upwards, you are in this position. Starfish position is the least sleep position people sleep in. Starfish people are known as good friends and good listeners. They are not attention seekers and do love to help. Since this is also a back-sleeping position, you have the same benefits/ drawbacks as the ‘soldier’.

Apart from these main sleep positions, there are many more and a few are listed below.

The Stargazer – this sleep position isn’t very popular and it looks like a stargazer, lying on your back with your arms around your head.

The Thinker – this sleep position is basically like the fetal position. If you sleep curled up with a hand resting on your chin (as if you’re thinking of something), you are in this position.

The Pillow Hugger – these people like to hug in bed and their personalities are similar to those of stargazers. They value their personal bonds. They will choose relationships over everything else.

So, like, what position is the best?

Well, there’s no best sleep position we can recommend. Everyone will have their own favorite sleep position which works best for them. So, what’s your sleep position? Share with us in the comment section!







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