What You Should Know About Silk & Snow

In 2021, Silk and Snow copied and put out misleading information regarding our Hybrid mattress.  Since they launched, they have made changes to their mattress to make it cost less, but they never updated their site. I'll give you a couple examples later.

At Hamuq™, we have only ever made our product better. Being the first rollable hybrid, we’ve learned a thing or two regarding longevity, comfort, and support. We added these engineering changes and upgraded low performing materials, only ever improving upon our previous version.

Some things about the industry you did not know

  1. Currently Silk and Snow does not use Canadian Steel Coils from the Salwan family. However, they say they do on their site.
  2. Silk and Snow does not use fabric from the local manufacturer Fine Cotton; it is imported. Yet they say they use Fine Cotton on their product page.
  3. Casper owns the largest “third party” mattress review site, Sleepopolis. I’ll let you figure out why that’s not ok.
  4. Endy’s original mattress construction was very different to what they sell today. They say it’s better, but I’m not convinced. I know for a fact they use less dense foams, which break down quicker.
  5. Endy is owned by Sleep Country. They were bought for approximately $75 Million in 2020.

With all that being said, we may not be the fanciest brand, or the sexiest brand. We may not have the flashiest site or the best social media. But that's because we're product obsessed. We feel that over 10, 20, 30+ years our brand will be a pillar of trust, amidst an industry that is willing to do almost anything to get your business. 

Help support us in achieving that goal, so we can set that standard of honesty and transparency.